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Friday Update: 12/29/06

There is SO much to update everyone on!!! Bear with me while I sort it out!

Medical/Rehab News:
I finally heard from the dr in Iowa City who is treating Matt’s AVM/AVF (the jury is still out on the exact diagnosis)…we discussed some of our questions on the treatment plan and here is what he said:
· When they performed the initial embolization, they were unable to get these tiny ‘feeder’ vessels. These small vessels have since grown larger and he now feels ‘reasonably’ sure that he can successfully embolize these vessels. By reasonably, he thinks about 50% sure.
· There is no real sense of urgency to perform the embolization. The fact that these vessels have increased in size is not a bad thing…it doesn’t mean they are more likely to rupture or anything.
· He explained that there was a small aneurysm on one vessel, which he thinks is probably what caused the initial hemorrhage. When they did the embolization this summer, they successfully blocked the vessels with the aneurysm…which would be…

Tuesday Update: 12/12/06

Well, it has been another crazy couple of days…where to start!? Friday – We both got to spend some time with friends! Matt had several guys over to hang out, watch movies, and eat pizza. He was pretty tickled that they were all able to make it! He even called up two of them to invite them over and talked to them on the phone…which was a big deal for Matt! He said they had fun, just hanging out while I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends for some much needed catch up time! It was a good night for us both!

Saturday – Matt wasn’t feeling the best, started to come down with a nasty cold. So, we stayed in most of the day. We watched a few movies and generally took it pretty easy.

Sunday – Matt was feeling a little bit better and agreed to go shopping with me after church! We headed out to the mall, ate some lunch, and shopped around for a few hours. He didn’t complain too much when I dragged him around the various stores and departments he would normally NEVER be seen in! After …

Merry Christmas – 2006

The following is our 2006 Christmas Letter. I wanted to share it with everyone who reads the blog:
Well, it’s been a big year of change in this Karwoski household…a year of unimaginable changes. As most of you know, in September of 2005 (just 5 days after the fishing picture below was taken) Matt suffered a brain hemorrhage…sending us down an amazing path that we could never have prepared ourselves for. The details of which have been chronicled on our blog:

I won’t add much more about that, but to say that we have been faced with insurmountable challenges…and we have survived. As we approach the holiday season, we can’t help but stop and think about all that we have to be thankful for…so this Christmas letter is simply going to be a list of things we give thanks for this year:

• The beautiful, beautiful love and support of our families
• The amazing strength and resilience of the human spirit
• The unbreakable bond of tr…