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Fat Girl

I used to be fat. I’m not gonna lie. Tip toe or skirt around it. I’m tough enough to handle it now.
This is a fact that I’ve come to accept about myself. I know I resisted it for more years than I care to admit to. Pretending that I wasn’t THAT big. Or that my weight wasn’t THAT out of control. I had a husband who adored me regardless of my shape or size. I had a family who supported me in all my endeavors and never said anything negative about my size. I had friends who were in my same boat, struggling with an ever increasing pant size. I cringed when I saw myself in pictures, but I went about my daily business as though nothing I was doing was contributing to it. With each changing season, I was frustrated to find my clothes snug. I halfheartedly attempted to drop some weight now and then…starting and stopping when I tired of it all. Eventually, I settled in at a size 18, tipping the scales at over 225 lbs. At barely 5’3”…I was in that dreaded ‘morbidly obese’ category on the heigh…


I love college football. I love the sounds; the referee whistles, the bands (other than the OU band that sounds their little victory ditty at each and every perceived positive play), the commentators as they get excited over trick plays or amazing catches. I love listening to the back stories of kids overcoming adversity, of coaches making huge differences in their lives, of underdog teams coming from nowhere to beat their rivals against the odds. I write this now from the comfort of my spot on the couch, curled up in my ISU snuggie, watching the Beef ‘OBrady’s Bowl game with Matt and enjoying every minute.
We’ve always enjoyed college football, but the past few years, we’ve definitely become addicted. (Perhaps it’s the warm oven fresh chex mix I make)
but each Saturday from early fall through the bowl game mania we find ourselves stretched out on either end of the couch to watch game after game after game. It is a tradition we’ve ‘cleverly’ named Football Saturday…and our close f…