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Monday Update: 07/31/06

Another weekend has come and gone and we are preparing for another week of hard work and time apart. We had a great weekend together, hanging out at the hotel and spent some good, quality time alone together…just what we both needed after the 2 week break. It was strange not seeing each other for that long! A first in the nearly 14 years we have been together! It’s definitely not something we hope to have to endure again.

The car show on campus went really well. Matt said everyone he ran into that day asked him about his car. He was thrilled to show it off and spend some time with the guys, talking cars, and just hanging out. It meant so much to him (and to me) that they went to all the work to get the car out there and spend the evening with Matt. It was a late night for everyone, but well worth it to bring an extra bit of home to Matt. I forgot to send the camera with the guys, but I know that some staff members took pictures. I’ll post some as soon as I get them.

One of Matt’s nurses…

Tuesday Update: 07/25/06

Well, we’re at the half way mark of Matt’s rehab stay in Omaha! I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already! I can only hope that the remaining six weeks go as well…and as fast! This past weekend I flew out to San Marcos to spend some time with my parents, sister, and her family. It was a good get away for me, but it was difficult to be there without Matt. I always get a lump in my throat whenever I’m with my parents, sister, and brother in law without Matt…it doesn’t feel right, something is definitely missing. Matt, Dad, and Chad have such a close bond, that it feels strange to just be there with Dad and Chad. I would stop and think about the last visit we had there, all of us, and how much fun it was. I would see things that would make me think of Matt and then the pangs of missing him would hit me. We talked every night though, and he even talked to my dad on the phone for a few minutes each time he’d call. Dad was happy to talk to him as well, and each time he’d hand me th…

Wednesday Update: 07/19/06

Well, we survived our anniversary apart. It sucked…but we survived. It was hard not being together…hard thinking about the significance of the date and how much our lives have changed since then. I have a picture on my desk of Matt and I. It was taken the night we got engaged…just minutes after he proposed we took our own picture. That was nine years ago today, July 19th. This whole week is just difficult for me. I’m glad that I’m leaving to visit my parents in Texas tomorrow to get away from things…but it will be hard not seeing Matt for 12 days and having our anniversary in the middle there. I keep telling myself it’ll be better next year. This year is just a wash.

On a more positive note…Matt has been doing great. His therapies continue to be challenging and effective. His walking is improving and he’s really working hard on his speech as well. He’s getting involved in a few small groups and getting to know a few people around the campus. Tonight he’s getting together w…

Friday Update: 07/14/06

As I prepare for another weekend trip to Omaha, I can’t help but think about the fact that our wedding anniversary is next Tuesday. Can it really be 8 years? I think about what we were doing 8 years ago this week, preparing for the big day. Making all of the last minute arrangements…running around crazed with wedding mania. (Ok, so this probably affected me a little more than Matt…but still!) I’ve been replaying our wedding, reception, and honeymoon video moments over and over in my mind. I remember walking down the aisle and seeing Matt standing there, so tall and proud. I remember dancing our first dance together at the reception. I remember our friends who got so carried away with the plastic wrap on the car…twice, and how we laughed about it. I remember driving away, so ready to be alone and start our life together. I remember funny moments on our honeymoon…toasting marshmallows by the fire, fishing in that tiny boat, grilling up our catch of the day, cooking those first …


I came across some more photos from last summer and thought I'd share.

This one was at our house last May. Matt and Meghan (our niece) were making homemade ice cream together.

How many men does it take to put together one swingset for one very spoiled (and adored) little girl? :) One Daddy, one Grandpa, and one Uncle!

And who can forget the look on Matt's face when we surprised him for his 30th birthday...two months early!? Priceless!!!!

The Smokey & the Bandit t-shirts were quite a hit! :)

This is how I like to remember us...and how I hope we will be again one day.

Tuesday Update: 07/11/06

Well, another week has come and gone…it’s hard to believe how the time is flying. Matt has been away from home for 4 weeks now! I’m surprised how well we are doing being apart…even though we both have our moments, neither one of us dwell on it. We just believe in making the most of the time we do have together and checking in with each other every day. So far, so good. Even Matt would say that. As hard as it is to be apart, we are both hanging in there. Our love is strong. Our bond, unbreakable. I thank God for that everyday.
Matt had another good week. He is still working hard everyday and the changes are starting to show to me. Matt is still unsatisfied…he’s so stubborn, he often poo-poos the progress. He says he won’t feel good about things until he’s able to do it all! I guess there’s nothing wrong with having a goal and working so hard to get there! It’s easy to want to stay motivated, but to actually do it day in and day out…well, that’s a whole different ballgame.
This weekend I …

Thursday Update: 06/06/2006

Well we had a good Fourth of July. I took Monday off work and stayed out in Omaha for a four day weekend. It was so good to have extra time with Matt!! He was in good spirits and it lifted mine so much to be with him.

We had a visit with his parents and grandparents on Saturday…took them on a tour and out to lunch. We spent most of the rest of the weekend relaxing, talking, and hanging out…it was just what we both needed. We got a few recommendations for the ‘best’ pizza places around town, and tried a few out. We went out and saw fireworks together, played a few games of Uno, and saw a movie.
On Monday I followed him to his classes and therapies…it was good to see what a typical day is like for him and to catch up with his therapists. They all agree that Matt is doing great with everything. He walked around 250 feet yesterday with the walker and did great! No resting or troubles, and very little help from the therapist! After that he did some squats and other mat work. His …