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Thursday Update: 2/22/07

February 22nd!?!? Where has the time gone?? There has been so much going on, it’s been hard finding time to sit down and write. Things have been going pretty well for Matt and me. Here’s the latest:

The House Situation:
Well, we toured several plans and found one that we both felt would meet most of our needs. While we were looking at houses, and considering our options, we had another one thrown in the midst. Over his many years in the cabinet business, Matt’s dad George has made a lot of contacts…some of whom have become good friends. Well, one of them, Ralph (who just happens to be a homebuilder), heard about our plans to build a house and offered to help us out. We met with him this past Monday to talk through things. We showed him the plans we were interested in, and right away he started marking them up with ways to improve upon them. He wants to increase the size of the house, widen the garage, engineer the floor so there would be no steps going in either door, make the master ba…

Monday Update: 2/12/07

Well, another busy weekend has come and gone and we are cozied up tonight, waiting for the next round of snow that is supposedly coming our way. Who really knows how much we will or won’t get this time!?
It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly half way through the month of February already! There has been a lot of ‘love’ talk going around, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner; commercials for jewelry, romantic dinners, special sales (nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a new couch), love stories on TV…etc, etc. Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorite holidays…it is just so commercial anymore and I hate the thought of your loved one buying you a gift because Hallmark says you should…it can be so insincere at times. But last Friday, we were privy to a shining example of what the holiday should be all about. We were surrounded by a group of people celebrating love and Valentine’s Day with the utmost sincerity and warmth. We were invited to attend our church’s annual…