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Monday Update: 1/29/07

Well, it’s been another busy couple of weeks; it’s hard to know where to start! Keeping us most busy is the fact that we’ve been mulling over ideas about moving. We’ve just been talking lately about simplifying things…and making them easier for us both. We’ve been pretty happy in our house here in Des Moines, but over the past several months we’ve discovered how certain things, which we once considered minor inconveniences, have become increasingly difficult for us to deal with. Having a family room in the basement makes it hard for Matt to get down there and relax when he’s home alone. Having a detached garage means we have to walk down the driveway in the rain, snow, and wind. Having to take the dogs out the side door means I have to stand in the back yard in my bathrobe when it’s -5 degrees outside. All of these things have got us thinking about trying to find a house where we can shorten the list of inconveniences and make life easier and more enjoyable for us. I think we are both…

Friday Update: 01/12/07

Isn’t it strange how music can leave a lasting impression on you? You might hear a song, part of a song, or even just a phrase from a song and suddenly you are transported to another time and place. A memory so real that you find yourself engulfed in whatever emotions you were feeling at the time. I popped in a cd today that I haven’t listened to in a while…it was one I had bought right before vacation last year. There are several songs on this cd that are pretty mellow and suited to a mellow/reflective mood. I used to listen to this cd and 3 specific songs while driving home from the nursing home after a long day tending to Matt and his very early days of rehab. I would listen to these songs and often cry…thinking of how drastically our lives had changed, how long and dark the road ahead of me seemed. I listen to this song and I am driving home, the streetlights streaming in through the sunroof…Matt’s sunroof. I am alone, late at night, staring ahead at the road in front of m…