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I Can Be So Crabby

I know – this is hard to believe, right? Let me tell you, my temper and crabbiness are legendary. I am not proud of it. Nothing is worse than being completely consumed with irrational anger and being totally aware of it at the same time.

Last night I set out to mow the lawn – a task I generally loath. However, we finally purchased a new mower and last night was to be its maiden voyage. I was almost…ALMOST eager to try it out. My friends have been telling me that a self propelled mower would be life changing for me – so I assured myself that I would LOVE to mow with the new mower. I was optimistic that gone were the days of lunging forward with all the strength in my lower extremities to get myself up the hill in the front yard. After a brief tutorial with Matt, I set out to frolic in the yard with the new mower. I’d made a few passes and was just getting the hang of sort of being drug behind the mower when suddenly – it stopped self-propelling. It felt as though the mower was diggin…

A New Chapter in Our Automotive Life

Last summer I wrote about how Matt and I talked about selling the Chevette and getting some sort of hotrod/cruiser:
Boys and Their Toys

Well, I’m happy to write that last week we welcomed a new hotrod into the family! A 1971 Ford Torino station wagon. Yes, you read that right…a FORD (gasp). If you know Matt (and care at all about car talk) you know that he has always, always, ALWAYS been a Pontiac man. They are his true passion, his true automotive love…which started way back when he was a boy and got his first Trans Am Matchbox car. He thought that car was the coolest thing ever…right away it was special to him, and he has one just like it perched on his desk at home. The love affair with all things Pontiac stuck with him all through his life and culminated with the purchase of the Trans Am. He loved that car more than seems reasonable to say. I think he always felt like he’d achieved his boyhood fantasy when got that car and each time he drove it, the little boy inside him jumped fo…