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Wednesday Update: 03/28/07

Time is moving by quickly, and while I wish I had more to update everyone on…things are pretty much status quo. We have been waiting to meet with our builder to discuss where we are at with things and what our next steps will be. Unfortunately, it is a slow process and we are trying our best to be patient. We just want things to keep moving forward, but it’s hard to wait. Especially for me…I am NOT the most patient person. So, nothing new to report there.

This past weekend we had some friends and family over to help get our yard cleaned up. We woke up to a rainy Saturday morning, so we didn’t know for sure how much we’d get done, but thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to rake the whole yard and get it spruced up for spring. It helps me to know that we can start the season off cleaned up; making it much easier to maintain from here on out! I will be happy when we don’t have quite so much yard to tend! Our friends and family who helped did a great job, and we are SO th…

Sunday Update: 03/25/07

I just wanted to post some pictures of Matt working at Timbercreek:

Here you can see his therapist, Kim, pushing Matt up the ramp. The other man is James, a local farmer who volunteers there, helping walk beside the horses.

Once he is at the top of the ramp, he holds on to the railing as Kim helps him turn around:

Next there is a person, this day it was Meg, who brings the horse up behind Matt. He then sits down on the horse with James behind him and Kim next to him:

He then swings a leg over and he's officially on:

They spend the rest of the time walking around the arena, between and around the barrels:

Friday's visit went really well again. Matt rode for about 35 minutes, then he and Kim worked on standing balance in their gym. We talked to her about adding another day out there and they are going to look at the schedule and see what we can do. Then Matt will have 2 days of therapy here in Des Moines, and 2 days out at Timebercreek. Should be good! I will write more later...we'…

Sunday Update: 03/18/07

Well, another week has come and gone, and (I think) spring is finally in the air. Though we had 2 inches of snow yesterday…it quickly melted away in the warm afternoon sunshine. Today was another warm spring day, with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40’s. A lot of my bulbs are starting to peek through the mulch, giving me a little lift and excitement in anticipation of the many blooms to come. (Matt enjoys my excitement, thoroughly…rolling his eyes and squealing in mock joy along with me.) Teasing aside, I know he is looking forward to the many rewards of the pending spring and summer months as much as I am.

Tuesday we had record temperatures and spent the afternoon working out in the garage and enjoying the sunshine together. Matt got into the Trans Am and pulled it out into the driveway so we could clean out some stuff from the storage area up above it. We went through things and filled the garbage can with junk. Fun, fun! I’m sure it was just the first of many garage …

Friday Update: 03/09/07

Just a quickie…I was waiting to post about the hippotherapy visit because our initial visit was somewhat anti-climactic. Matt didn’t get to ride that day…and he won’t get to ride today either. The first visit we spent mostly just talking to the therapist, getting her up to speed on Matt and his rehab journey so far. She was very, very easy to talk to and Matt opened right up to her. I could see right away that he was at ease and felt comfortable with her…which was GREAT to see! She took her time asking HIM about things and getting to know him better. She did some preliminary testing of his strengths and weaknesses and gave us a tour of the place.

Matt’s therapy there is going to be two-pronged. He is going to spend part of the time riding and part of the time working in their wave pool. They have a really nice pool where he can work on balance and walking with even more resistance than in a traditional pool. They can turn on jets and create a current, something he hasn’t eve…