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Thursday Update: 04/30/09

There are certain days when I really, really feel like a grown up. Today is one of those days. Another round of layoffs was announced this morning, in my corner of the world, and it was a little close for comfort.

It may sound weird, but most of the time I guess I don’t really see myself as a full grown woman living and working in the big scary world of business. I’ve been working this job for nearly 8 years and have enjoyed most of it…I’ve learned new skills, been exposed to all different kinds of business, attended conferences and classes and immersed myself in my job and all the different paths it has taken me, climbing slowly up a few rungs on the corporate ladder…and every once in a while I would stop long enough to look at myself and think ‘huh…I guess I am a grown up professional…weird.’ I didn’t really choose this career path, but after college I never really knew what path I wanted, to be truthful. All my childhood dreams seem so ridiculous to me now…a teacher…a writer…a stay…

Sunday Update: 04/19/09

The weekend has come and nearly gone again and I’ve finally found some time to sit and gather my thoughts. It seems every night when I think I should sit down and write a little update…time slips away from me, or the words don’t seem to come. Sometimes I straddle the line between writing to write and writing to inform and I lose my interest in merely keeping everyone up to date on our not-so-exciting goings on. I think this blog has taken on lots of different tones and themes over the years and sometimes I wonder how long I might keep it up…if anybody is really reading this anymore besides my mother…if there is really much more to say. I don’t know…

This week our new bike was delivered and set up in the basement. It is just great! Thursday night I got home late after attending a fitness class and stopping by the store for a few things, but Matt was still up for heading downstairs to try it out before supper. Matt walked down the stairs sideways on his own, and I just stood by. We pu…

Happy Easter!!

Because He lives...I can face tomorrow.

Because He lives...all fear is gone.

Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living,
just because He lives.

Thursday Update: 04/09/09

I have cabin fever. It’s pretty bad. I can hardly stand to be cooped up inside any longer…when, oh WHEN will it finally warm up and be spring??!! I think I need a project, something to occupy my time in the evenings. Right now I just feel antsy and can hardly sit still. I get up and wander around the house and I know Matt is wondering what the heck I’m doing. I see signs of life out in the flower bed and I long to be working out there, cutting back the dead stuff, poking around the green stems and smiling as they grow, walking around the yard with my awesome new garden cart that Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas. It’s hard to contain how badly I want to just be outside!! For now, I have to settle for stepping out on the deck from time to time and surveying the flower beds and the occasional walk with Buddy on a warm day.

Last Friday we went out to dinner at our new favorite restaurant with Hope and Chad to celebrate Hope’s birthday. It was so nice to go out just the four of us…it ha…