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Tuesday Update: 10/06/09

This past weekend was the annual Cruise to the Woods cruise and car show up near Fort Dodge. I’ve written about the cruise in years past…it is something that Matt and I always looked forward to and enjoyed for many years. Trying to think on it, I’m pretty sure we’ve never missed it since the first year we were dating…aside from the year Matt was in the hospital. I remember sitting beside him in the hospital that year and gazing at the fall colors out the window…wishing we were able to take the TA on the cruise. I know Matt has no memory of that day, and I’m glad. It was difficult for me…knowing the plans he’d had for the car that year and how much he was looking forward to it. It has been a somewhat bittersweet event each year since then. We find ourselves somewhere in the middle between wanting to go and check out the cars as usual and then just missing the TA…and driving it…and all that it represented to us.
It may seem weird to be emotional about a car…but undoubtedly we will alway…

Friday Update: 10/2/09

Wow has fall officially arrived. Today it barely hit 50 and is drizzly and windy. It feels more like late November than the 2nd of October. It’s an unusual cold snap and has us all in the mood for soups and spaghetti and things simmering on the stove all day. In fact I already have plans to make homemade spaghetti tomorrow with tomatoes I froze from my garden this summer! Matt and I have been talking about it this week and how nice it will be to have spaghetti on ‘Football Saturday’. Oh how we love our ‘Football Saturdays’! I’ve come down with a nasty cold and after a couple of busy weeks, we’re really looking forward to a very low key tomorrow!! I can’t wait!

Last weekend we traveled out to the Chicago area for a Karwoski family reunion. All of Matt’s aunts, uncles, and cousins were making the trek from here there and everyone to congregate in their old neighborhood. Matt and I thought long and hard about whether or not we’d go, but ultimately couldn’t miss out on the opportunity fo…