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Mission Impossible

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this crazy dream of ours to have a family. (Weird, I know.) Last week, we talked a lot about things, after our first (and now second) official nos. I was feeling defeated…frustrated…and wondered if I was pushing for something that just wasn’t meant to be. Recently we had a little t-shirt fundraiser for our adoption…and raised over $550! We had loving support from friends and family that was completely unexpected - it meant SO much to us. The t-shirt design says ‘Dare the Impossible’…which can be interpreted in any number of ways; to dare to reach for what seems impossible, to dare believe that the impossible IS possible, to trust that daring is worth doing.  For us – for me - the significance of this shirt means all the more to me now.  I have to admit - I feel like I’ve been half in with this whole adoption thing. I found myself praying for God to work out the details and trying to trust Him, but guarding my heart at the same time and preparing to …