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Commence Paperwork…NOW!

Obviously we knew heading into this adoption that the paperwork would be extensive (and rightly so) but phew, it’s been a busy couple of weeks making our way through the mountain of questions, forms, and applications. It’s been ‘fun’ looking up financial information and discussing our childhoods, parents, and personalities. One thing we’ve taken away so far…how blessed we are with our loving and supportive families.
We giggled when going through the personality traits of our parents, and how we grew up. Trying to imagine our parents being violent or abusive…but in reality, we know there are so many who have had to cope with these types of unstable and scary home life situations. It didn’t take long for us to realize how good we’ve had it. Of course we’ve always known how lucky we were to have such supportive families – but to see their traits checked off on form really brought it home. Words like loving, kind, gentle, fun, compassionate (well, if you were bleeding or throwing up), encou…