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Friday Update: 11/14/08

Greetings from…HOME! We are finally back home after a long, but FUN, trip to California! We got in a little late last night and finally settled in to bed about midnight. Matt was worried I’d still be on California time and wouldn’t be able to sleep…but I don’t think I moved all night and slept in just fine! I think I never really was ON California time…I was always ready to go to sleep at like NINE! LOSER, I know!

Saturday we arrived in Anaheim early in the afternoon…but our bodies were dragging. Our flight had been changed and we had to leave at SIX AM…BLECK! We were up at three to make it to the airport around five. Of course we had to fly through Chicago and had a 3 hour layover there…double BLECK. I just hate flying out of my way to get to my destination…but there wasn’t much we could do when they rerouted our flights from Denver to Chicago. Anywhoo…we got checked in at the hotel, looked around, took a few pictures off the balcony, and then crashed. We ended up snoozing for an hou…

Thursday Update: 11/6/08

Not even going to mention the election…except to quote my Dad and say that we are still very blessed to live in America and have the freedoms to choose our representatives. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

We’ve had another busy, busy week…and another one is looming in the horizon so I thought I’d take a few minutes to post this while I can. Halloween with the Kepler’s was just as much fun as I had hoped it would be. The kids were in fine form and happy to be out trick or treating. Hope and I took the kiddies around while Matt and Chad relaxed at home. Matthew wasn’t 100% sure he understood what he was supposed to do after ringing the doorbell, except to grab some candy and try to push past the homeowner and check out their house! We had to grab him more than once and pull him back outside! Stinker! Meghan was excited about the candy and surprised us all by offering to share her Reese’s peanut butter cups with her Uncle Matt (she only had 2 and gave one to him – which is a …