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This One's For You, Mom!

Meghan played her first game of soccer tonight and Matt and I went up to watch with Hope, Chad, and Matthew. It was fun to watch her learning to play a sport, be a part of a team, and just run around enjoying herself. Sometimes I look at her and I just can't believe that's our little Meghan. My little grown up.

Handyman Matt

It’s no great mystery that I think Matt is a super-duper great guy. I think I’ve made it abundantly (and no doubt) annoyingly clear that I really, deeply admire him. It seems time will go by and we’re doing well – life is good and things are steady. And suddenly something happens to really grab my attention again and remind me of why it is that I just love, love, love him.

Spring is upon us and we are all busy bustling about in our yards, garages, and homes. Kids are outside playing, motorcycles are zipping up and down the street, and lawnmowers are roaring to life signaling the official commencement of this most beloved time of year. Last week we could almost see our lawn grow. Each day we’d comment about how tall it had gotten and how soon I’d have to be out there with our own lawnmower (oh that wonderful piece of machinery which I love almost as much as our snow blower). Matt mentioned to me that we should have the oil changed and the blade sharpened in the lawnmower. I would mum…