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Friday Update: 09/14/07

It’s a beautiful day today…sunny and cool, the perfect fall day. Much like it was 2 years ago. Matt and I talked briefly last night about how strange it is that two whole years have gone by since all this happened. Matt, being the easy going guy he is, was just going to treat today like any other day and not dwell on its significance. While I can totally appreciate where he’s coming from, I struggle with maintaining that sort of attitude on a day like today. I can forget about it most of the time, go about my business and not even think about it...but then it creeps back in, triggered by some sort of subconscious memory, smell, or sound. This morning I had to pull over on my way to work for an ambulance…an ambulance heading south, taking the same route of the ambulance we took to the hospital that day. I shuddered, thinking about how surreal it was riding in that ambulance, Matt on the gurney in the back, the paramedics trying to restrain him and keep him calm. All I could thin…


Just wanted to post a few pictures...a couple of Matt's fishing trip

And a couple of the new house...basement walls were poured yesterday!

Monday Update: 09/10/07

Well, it’s been a busy few days around here! Where to start…

First off, last Thursday was Matt’s last therapy appointment with his physical therapist here in Des Moines, Amy. The three of us have talked a lot this summer about things, where Matt is at, and where he is going. We had cut back to just once a week, and the three of us agreed that the cut back really wasn’t having any negative impact on things. Matt is still working hard at Timber Creek twice a week, and continues to do more and more around the house as well. It was a little sad, saying good-bye to Amy…harder than I thought it might be. Even though I know we’ll stay in touch and see her from time to time, she has been such a big part of Matt’s recovery and it will be strange not to see her on a regular basis. When Matt was discharged from Younker last December, Amy was the first one to greet us at Penn Ave Medical…it is so hard to think that we have worked with her for so long. She was there with us from very early on.

She e…

Thursday Update: 09/06/07

Here are some pictures of the HOLE where our foundation will go!

Saturday Update: 09/01/07

Well, we have all returned…the cat is keeping watch on his favorite perch looking out the front window, the dogs are snoozing beside each other on the futon, and Matt is relaxing in his recliner watching college football…all is right with the world. Well, at least in our little Karwoski world anyway! I returned home from my Texas trip Thursday evening…after a minor two hour delay, I finally pulled into the garage around 8:30. It was so good to be home, and yet so strange to come home to an empty house. Can’t say I’m a big fan of that. I was happy to go and pick up the animals Friday and bring them back home…the house just isn’t the same without pets. I know they’re a lot of work, and I do my share of complaining about them…but they just complete our little family. They were all SO excited to get back home, run around the yard, and snuggle up with me all night long. Friday night was a MUCH better night for me!!!

Matt’s fishing trip was successful in many ways;
They had excellen…