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Monday Update: 07/30/07

Well, it's official...we are LAND OWNERS!! Matt and I signed the closing documents for the sale of our new lot and construction loan on Friday afternoon!! It is a HUGE step forward in our homebuilding process and we are SO excited to finally be underway. I still have to touch base with our builder, but it sounds like it will likely be another few weeks before physical work starts happening on the site, but he keeps assuring me that once it does'll fly. LET'S HOPE SO!!!

Saturday Update: 07/21/07

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! We missed not being there to celebrate on this day, but were glad we could celebrate together when they were back for a visit in June. We had a cake and homemade ice cream…Meghan kept calling Mom the Birthday Girl…priceless! I hope that today Mom gets to do something fun with Dad…or at least enjoy a nice dinner out.

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks around here and I just haven’t had much time to write an update. Things are going pretty well for the most part, just really starting to ramp up the house plans. We decided shortly after Matt’s surgery that we were going to replace the cabinets and countertops in our kitchen and bathroom in preparation for listing the house. They were the last things that really stood out as old and needing to be updated to us. So we worked out a deal with Matt’s dad for some nice maple cabinets which have a finish similar to the woodwork in our house…they totally fit the era of the home. Well, last weekend was our big project weekend…

Friday Update: 07/06/07

Today was a much better day for me. Wednesday I was just in a funk…and I just couldn’t shake it. So yesterday, after a quiet morning at work, I decided to take the afternoon off and just spend some time with Matt. We talked through the afternoon, trying to get to the bottom of my funk. I think it was partly the fact that everything is so different now…the holiday was weird, and just the unfairness of our situation in general. Sometimes that unfairness seems unbearable, like there’s no getting around it. It can consume me, if I let it. We watched a documentary on HBO Tuesday night about people with traumatic brain injuries and it followed them through their recoveries…or lack there of. It was a very sad, but moving, documentary. Parts of it were so familiar to me, watching the families struggle with the unknown outcomes, hoping for a miracle and living in disbelief that their lives have changed so drastically. There was one couple in particular who touched me. They had only recently be…

Wednesday Update: 07/04/07

Happy Independence Day

Well, for me this Fourth of July was kind of a bust. All day I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something was off…that I was missing something…that I should be DOING something. We hadn’t planned on doing much, just spending time together at home and catching some fireworks in the evening. As many of you know, I am nuts about fireworks. I love them…and tend to get very excited while watching them. But all day today I just didn’t feel much in the mood for the typical July Fourth festivities. And then it sort of hit me this afternoon what it was that was missing…our usual holiday traditions. In years past we have always spent the holiday with family. We’d go boating (or at least try to…if we could manage to get the boat in the water without breaking it or something), or we’d cook out and make ice cream…and we’d always end the day with sparklers and fireworks together with family. This year was the first year that we didn’t plan anything with anyone. O…