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Over the Rainbow

I’m sure most of you have heard Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’s version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. It is a beautiful rendition, which I remember hearing for the first time when Dr. Mark Green was dying on some beautiful island with his family, on the show ‘ER’. Matt teased me more than a little about how sad I was…but the song was so beautiful it really just tugged at my heartstrings for this silly television character I had known for so many years.

The other day as I was getting ready for work, Matt told me he had a surprise for me. He had found the song online and played it through the computer speakers for me, knowing how much I loved the song, and also how excited we are for our upcoming trip to Hawaii. I smiled and closed my eyes as I let the words and simple strumming of the ukulele float around us in the early morning quiet of the house.

The beauty of the song, it touches me every time I hear it. As we’re planning our big trip and excitedly making plans for activities while there,…

Ode to Potlucks

It’s no secret, Matt and I love potlucks. We had one at church Sunday, and I really should have taken a picture of the spread. You would have marveled at it, truly. I have to give my friend (you know who you are) a bad time about your fear of potlucks, but it’s only because you put it out there…and therefore, I feel I must always, always give you crap about this. As we were driving home from this most recent potluck, I found myself thinking of all the reasons WHY I love a potluck…and it’s not just the amazing amounts of quality home-cooked food. There’s something so familial about it.

I love helping in the kitchen to get things prepared and set out to serve the congregation. I love the bustling of these ladies, their chit chat, and their laughter. I love watching their hands moving quickly to stir things, and cut things, and shuffle plates of yummy desserts. I think of all the meals those hands have prepared; for their families, for their friends. I think of all the cooking secrets th…

Been Thinkin’…

We attended the funeral this week, of a woman from our church. She was well known for having a strong personality and strong opinions. She was not an easy person to read. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She told it like it was. And underneath an oftentimes perceived gruff exterior, lay a heart swollen with love for others and for her God. I’m sure she was much more complex than I’ll ever know…having lived a lifetime of hardships, blessings, and no doubt heartaches. Though I didn’t know her deeply, I knew enough to smile when I think of her now. I could see the lives she touched, in her own way. She made her mark on us, in our own interactions with her. Offering us home cooked meals after Matt’s stroke, sending us cards, and she always greeted us with a big smile and hearty hello. The last time I saw her in church, a couple of small girls were giving her Valentine’s Day cards…and I could see she was truly touched and tickled.

She reminded me a lot of my Grandpa Lyle. The kind of…

A SPRING in My Step

So it’s no small coincidence that today there seems to be a sizable spring in my step and width to my smile. It is bright and sunny outside, the breeze is noticeably warming, and our trip to paradise (i.e.Hawaii) is just around the corner. Ahh…what could I find to possibly complain about today?

The past few weeks have been busy with this and that, but with each passing week of gloomy, gray, dirty last-few-weeks-of-winterness, I found myself moving about at a very sluggish and mopey pace. I was sooo tired of winter; so tired of bundling up each morning, so tired of random snow showers, so tired of staring angrily at the stubborn pile of snow in the cul-de-sac behind us…willing it to shrink away and finally reveal the sidewalk below it. It seemed spring would never come…our dear friend Phil had fooled us yet again…dirty rodent. I was grumbly, impatient, IRRITATED!!!! How much longer? HOW MUCH LONGER!?!?!? And then finally…I believe we have turned the corner.

I see buds on trees…I see r…