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Wednesday Update: 05/13/09

So speaking of working in the yard and enjoying this beautiful spring – holy cow did we do a lot of that last weekend!! Friday afternoon was so lovely, I took a few hours off to work and enjoy! I mowed the lawn and then Matt and I loaded up to go out to dinner and Menards. We’d been discussing building a raised garden bed for me to plant a few veggies in. He had built me one back at our old house that worked really well…aside from the fact that our yard was as deep as a football field and it took me forever to drag a hose back there to water it. I’d had my eye on a premade one in a catalog, but of course it was backordered, so I asked Matt if he thought we could build one together. Confident that he could guide me through the process, we headed to Menards to get materials. We ended up getting enough cedar to make a 4X4 bed and went home and decided to take advantage of the nice, cool evening and work on putting it together. It took us a while, and it wasn’t always easy, but togethe…

Thursday Update: 05/07/09

Well, another week has come and gone and things are starting to return to normal around here. It’s been a tough week, knowing the futures of so many people are uncertain at this moment, but the sense of upheaval and turmoil is starting to simmer back down. I left work early last Friday to try and refresh my focus and priorities…to remind myself of the many, many things which are completely out of my control…and to fix my gaze on those things which I can control. I had the perfect opportunity to do that at the Women of Faith event that Hope and I went to Friday and Saturday. It was just what I needed…to help me adjust my attitude and remind myself that even in the midst of trials and uncertainty, we can breath easier, knowing that our future is in His hands. Steven Curtis Chapman was there Friday night and gave a wonderful performance. His family suffered an unthinkable tragedy nearly 1 year ago, when one of his adopted daughters from China was accidentally hit and killed by one of hi…