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Sunday Update: 07/27/08

It’s Sunday evening and I THINK things are finally winding down for us. The weather has been pretty crazy today, with tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings throughout the afternoon. Hopefully the worst is past us and we can now relax for the evening.

It has also been a very hectic week, and I just didn’t have much time to sit down and write an update it seemed. Work has been very busy for me, with several projects ramping up at the same time, and we had something going on nearly every night last week. Matt’s therapy schedule has geared up too, and of course, we had the trip to Iowa City. I’m HOPING this week is a little less crazy…but of course, that remains to be seen.

Matt’s appointments in Iowa City went well. He had his follow up MRI in the morning and we met with one of the neuro doctors to discuss the findings. Things looked the same, so Matt’s AVM/AVF is still stable and no further intervention is needed at this time. We’ll follow up again in 6 months or so. Then it…

Saturday Update: 07/19/08

Well, it’s been a busy couple of days in this Karwoski household…but a good kind of busy. Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It’s sooo hard to believe that 10 whole years have come and gone since we officially started our life together. It’s been quite a ride, I’ll say that!

We had always dreamt of going to Hawaii or someplace warm to celebrate this first big milestone in our marriage, but with the new house expenses and just really getting settled after the China trip…now just didn’t feel like the right time to try and squeeze in a trip. We’ve been tossing around ideas for a trip this fall, maybe up to Minnesota…so we’ll see. Knowing that we weren’t really planning anything special, I didn’t want the day to go by without really acknowledging it. We both agreed that we just wanted to have a really good ‘Matt and Emily’ day. So I took the day off and that’s what we did. We slept in a little, had a lazy morning, went to see a matinee in the afternoon, …

Monday Update: 07/07/08

I know I’m no expert on a lot of things. I don’t understand things like chemistry, and how things work, most math equations make me throw my hands up in the air and exclaim ‘who CARES who gets to the station first’, and I don’t know much about economics and the ebs and flows of the markets. I don’t claim to, and frankly, I don’t want to. I just know what works for me, and feel pretty content with my little piece of the pie. What I do know is after a long holiday weekend spent with family and friends, celebrating our nation’s beginning; I can’t help but be filled with contentment and gratitude. I skim over articles which mention things like ‘blind patriotism’ and the bad shape of things here in America…everyone pointing fingers and blame and everyone else…and I just shake my head. I wonder how anyone could look around us and not be thankful for all that we, as Americans, really do have.
I celebrate the fact that I am able to pay a few bucks and go with my niece and nephew to a pu…