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Tuesday Update: 04/24/07

Just a quickie update…tomorrow I’m leaving town for a girls get away trip with some friends! We’re heading out to Vegas for 3 days of fun, sun, and relaxation. I can hardly wait!! Matt is bachin’ it with his dad again while I’m gone. I’m sure they’ll have fun hanging out and talking etc. The forecast for Des Moines looks cool and rainy…but Vegas is sunny and hot! YAHOO!

This vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. Things have been so stressful lately, and I really need this time away to relax and re-energize. Juggling all my responsibilities can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, and I’m ready to just focus on fun and nothing else for a while!

We’ve also made some decisions about Matt’s continued therapy. Over the past week or so, we’ve talked a lot about things. How far we’ve come, where we’re heading, what we both want out of therapy, and out of life. We talked to his physical therapist here in Des Moines about our thoughts too, and came to a mutual decision to cut back his ther…

Tuesday Update: 04/17/07

I broke down a little tonight, while fixing supper. It had been a little while, so I guess I was due. I was just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with things. Things have slowed down with our house plans…slowed way down. The builder told us that things would take time to get going, that the planning phase can be lengthy, but I don’t really think I knew it would be like this. It seems to take 2 weeks to even get a chance to talk to him. Originally we had thought we’d be looking at lots with him this week, but his schedule has booked up and now it looks like next week is the earliest we can meet up. I hate to complain…I don’t want to seem ungrateful…but it is so hard to continue to be patient. I’m not sure he, or anyone for that matter, truly understands how hard it is to keep up this pace. I find myself running around nearly all the time. I have very little breathing room between work, Matt’s therapy schedule, his needs, and all my many responsibilities at home. The dogs, the housewo…
Today I am bummed…depressed…distraught. This stupid weather we’ve been having here in Iowa is just disgusting!!! We had days where the weather was in the 70’s, and now we’re lucky if we hit 40…and today it is actually snowing. SNOWING! Disgusting. Now, I realize that it would be highly unusual for it to be in the 70’s this early in the spring…but come on, 30’s!?!! Bring on the 50’s for crying out loud!! And the SUNSHINE!!! All my pour little flowers are wilting…all my early spring excitement has been replaced with frustration and worry that all my plants are going to look like crud. Grumble, grumble.
Yesterday I had the highly enjoyable task of running errands in the pouring rain. What was supposed to be a somewhat momentous, emotional errand turned into one of aggravation. Here’s the deal; all this time we’ve had temporary handicapped parking stickers for the cars. They expire after 6 months, and we’d renew them. Well, this time we decided to bite the bullet and get the permanent ones…