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So, it’s Summer

Wow, July already. I’ve been thinking for a while now I wanted to sit down and compose a post…but we really have been all over the place this summer and I think if I were to try and catch you up…you’d be reading and reading and reading. Let’s just say this…our summer is going swimmingly.

Here are a few highlights:

Meghan came down to stay over and we took her to Ankeny SummerFest. Aunt Emmy rode on a LOT of rides with her. Aunt Emmy is a BIG chicken when it comes to heights. Meghan, on the other hand, cool as a cucumber. We had a blast though, taking her to the carnival, treating her to yummy summer treats…and she was good as gold. My heart…oh, it swells when I think of that little girl. I hope she will always want to come and stay with us.

I ran another 5K and Meghan was there to cheer me on with Matt and George…FUN! Running in the drizzle…NOT FUN! But it’s good practice for Florida humidity, I’m sure.

We’re on a softball team! Together with an awesome group of folks from church we are …