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Monday Update: 07/20/09

Where oh where does the time go? Honestly all last week I kept meaning to sit down and write a little about the weekend before and all of the usual goings on….and then before I knew it another week had past and more goings on happened and here I am at the beginning of another week wondering where to start. I hate to just sit here writing a recap of our weeks/weekends…but we’ve just been doing this and that and enjoying so much of it, I can’t help it. So…I apologize for the ramblings….

A few weeks ago Matt and I decided we really wanted some shade for our deck. Ultimately we’d like to build a pergola over it that I can plant some climbing vines on like we had at our old house…but trying to figure out who/when/how to actually get it done is a whole ‘nother topic. So, we set out to see about getting an umbrella for our table – thinking that would be nice. We shopped around a bit and finally picked one we both liked. We rushed home that day and quickly went to work setting it all up on t…

Wednesday Update: 07/08/09

Happy belated Fourth of July!!

We had a great long holiday weekend. I had Friday off work for the holiday and took PTO on Monday so we enjoyed a good, long weekend together…and it was great!

Friday was a little bit of a bust…we had plans to go to another IA Cubs game and check out their big fireworks display (as some of you know, I am QUITE fond of fireworks, so I was very much looking forward to it)…well as the afternoon wore on the weather got more and more questionable as rain moved in. The game was delayed, as we watched the rain come down from home…eventually they did play, but we just decided to stay in since the weather was so yucky. We knew we’d just be sitting out there in the rain and be miserable.

Saturday we decided to try plan B…head to the Good Guys’ Car Show out at the fairgrounds. Typically Matt goes to the car show each year with the guys…but this year we decided to go together. And I’m SO glad we did. I had a blast! We both did. We got out there around noon and found …


At the request of certain is the picture of Matt on vacation...1992...just before we met. It still makes me smile every time I look at it.