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Thoughts from the ‘Accessible’ Section

It’s no secret, Matt and I love college football. Already we are gearing up for our Football Saturday tradition, which starts in just a few weeks! We’re starting to make plans to ensure we don’t have any plans, so our Saturdays will be free for our all day/all night football viewing pleasure. It is simply our favorite time of year! The past few years, we've tried to get tickets to both an IA and an ISU game. We've missed a few games here and there, for various reasons, but this year we were all set to get tickets for both again. A few weeks ago I went online and ordered tickets for an IA game and within a few days they arrived in the mail. Our calendar is marked and we are excited for the upcoming trip to Kinnick Stadium…though I truly loath the long drive home, I am preparing to plan ahead a mini-tailgate back at the car after the game. Hopefully avoiding some of the post-game traffic horror that infuriated me last year.
Today I went online to see about tickets to an ISU game.…