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Let’s Party like its 199…4?

Several years ago an old friend of mine from school got together with some other friends and put together an adult theme prom – for charity. I had seen her pictures and Facebook posts about it before and last year’s Super Hero theme was enough to tempt me and my friend Emily to don crazy ‘Super Emily’ costumes and boogie the night away with a couple hundred ‘super’ strangers. It was a blast – we were hooked and knew that come 2013, we’d definitely have to get our husbands to join us for an out-of-the-ordinary (cuz we hate to do things without a theme) date night.

When the prom rolled around this year, it also coincided with my sister’s 40th birthday. A plan begin to formulate in my little brain…how fun would it be to celebrate Hope’s birthday at the PROM!?! Now, normally Hope is not a big fan of dressing up and making a fool of herself. (You should have seen the confused look on her face when Emily and I showed up at Hickory Park in our Super Emily costumes last year… I digress) But f…