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Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures from our get togethers this weekend.

Matt and Meghan at Grandma Betty's house:

Dad and Matthew at Grandma Betty's house:

My family at Hope and Chad's house:

Matt's family at our house (Uncle Denny, Aunt Jan, Jessica, Aric, Grandma, Grandpa, George, Sandi, Lissa and us!):

The lovely ladies with our scarves and trivets! (Aunt Linda, Sandi, Lissa, Heather, and me):

Us after we exchanged our gifts before heading up to Hope and Chad's:

Steve, hiding behind all the loot:

Wednesday Update: 12/26/07

Merry Christmas!!

We had a wonderful and very FULL Christmas weekend…and it was great!!! We were here, there, and everywhere visiting, eating, hugging, talking, laughing, eating, eating, and eating some more!!! Saturday we headed up to McCallsburg for the afternoon at my Grandma Betty and Grandpa Gene’s house. It was a full house with cousins, Aunts, and my wonderful Uncle Larry! We had a nice time hanging out there with everyone. My parents hadn’t gotten to see everyone for a while, and it was good to have them there! Sunday we had some of Matt’s family over to our place…his Aunt Jan and Uncle Denny from the Chicago area were in town for the holiday with their daughter Jessica and her husband, so they all stopped off at our place to meet up with Matt’s parents, sister, and grand parents. It was a full house at our place! We munched on goodies and talked throughout the afternoon, showing them pictures of the new house and catching up. As we lay in bed Sunday night, we couldn’t…

Wednesday Update: 12/05/07

This is our first week of no therapy, and I have to admit…it sure has been nice. While we will surely miss the folks at Timber Creek, and seeing them on a regular basis, it is so good to go home and just be with Matt.

Last weekend my parents were visiting from Texas to celebrate Meghan’s 5th birthday. Saturday was an icy, snowy mess…but we were determined to make it up to Roland to the party. We loaded up the car and drove very, very slowly and very, very carefully all the way there. The trip home was much better, the roads had cleared up by then, but it was worth the long, slow drive up there to have the day with my family. It was a perfect day, all cozied up together talking, laughing, and just being together. We talked a lot about Matt’s upcoming trip to China and all the exciting things going on in our lives…and of course spent a lot of time playing with and spoiling Meghan and Matthew.

Sunday they all came over to our house for the day. I took Mom, Dad, and Meghan up to s…

House Pics - Again

Here are a few more pictures from this past weekend with siding (minus two pieces on the garage) and a roof! We had a GREAT weekend...I'll post more about it later.