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Aloha Part Two – The Couples' Week

There’s so much to say about the second week in Hawaii, I’m not sure where to start. So many people have asked me what my favorite part of the trip was, and I simply can’t answer. Everything?! Well, except maybe for Honolulu traffic and the ridiculous LACK of road signage anywhere on the island…but otherwise, it was nearly perfect.

Friday Amy and I eagerly waited for the boys to arrive at the airport, where Julie had dropped us at the curbside. We wore our matching new ‘Woman to Blame’ shirts and floppy hats…the boys were unimpressed. Matt even told Blake to run AWAY! Obviously, they don’t know what’s cute. After cramming our load of crap into the rental car we were on our way to Ko Olina Marriott Beach Club – where we would spend 7 wonderful days!

Saturday morning we rounded ourselves up and decided to head down to the beach for the first time. There are 4 manmade lagoons at Ko Olina, which were so perfect for swimming in; no big waves and no threat of big marine life! Heading down …

Aloha...Part One!

The weary travelers have returned and I finally have a few minutes to collect my thoughts and reflect back on what was truly an amazing trip. After 12 days in Hawaii, it was hard to come back to the real world and I’ve been slowly adjusting my attitude about work and chores and regular life. I joked about having a vacation hangover…I was just so sad to leave beautiful Hawaii (and being able to loaf about all day) and return to face a gloomy, rainy, and cold April in Iowa. I think I’m finally starting to snap out of it a bit and get back into my regular routine…SLOWLY.

Where to begin??? I guess with the girls’ week. Amy and I flew to Honolulu on April 3rd and met up with Julie, Hope and the rest of the girls that afternoon. That first week, we stayed at Julie’s cousin Leonard’s house just off the shores of Kaneohe Bay. Driving to his house my ears popped as the highway wound its way through beautiful mountains covered with lush, green vegetation. I’d never experienced anything like it.…