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Age Really IS Relative

This past week was a blur of friends, family, and fun, fun, fun. I’m always snapping photos so that I might be able to capture and somehow hold on to the memories of special times…much to the mild annoyance of others. But, being able to pull out photos years, months, or even just days later and remember with smiles what was said and done…well, I just love that.

Last Thursday I took the day off so that Amy and I could road trip up to visit our friend Julie...our friend who is undergoing breast cancer treatments, the one whose situation inspired us to learn to run so we could represent her in the Race for the Cure 5K this fall. The past several months she’s been on my mind and in my heart as I prayed for her and her family…but seeing her in person really made her cancer REAL. And suddenly it hit me that I’ve not prayed for her nearly enough. I take for granted that she is going to be ok…but now I realize more concretely how much she needs prayer. We talked and talked and laughed for ho…

Mother’s Day Confession

I had a feeling that church might make me a little emotional today, but I had no idea I’d be wiping tears before we finished the first praise song. I just hate getting so emotional at church. I don’t know why…if there’s anyplace it should be ok…more than ok…to be emotional, it should be church – surrounded by loving friends. But for me, I just don’t like to make a fuss…a scene. I worry that people are seeing my tears and misinterpreting what they mean. I don’t want to have to explain on the spot. I don’t want sympathy. I found myself trying to distract myself from the words, the message that was being spoken through the beautiful songs, and the meaningful sermon. If I allowed myself to let the words sink in and resonate within me…I feared I might not be able to stop the tears and Lord knows I just hate crying in church. I fidgeted, I doodled, I squirmed in my seat…longing the whole time to dash out the back and make a break for it. How ridiculous is that? I feel stupid even admitting…