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This will come as no surprise to you – I have a lot of emotional baggage tied to the month of September. It’s sad considering how much I love fall and the transition from summer into my favorite times of year. I caught myself thinking about it a lot in August – wondering how I was going to deal with all the pitfalls that were coming up. September holds anniversaries of some truly terrible events in my own life, and those around me. I wondered how I was going to cope with it all. I suppose it’s natural when these anniversaries come up, to think back on what you were doing on that day, to have emotions stirred and to get frozen in time. There have been several Septembers, over these past years, where I found myself mired in grief and the trauma I faced was relived over and over.
This year, September brought with it new anniversaries of days filled with tragedy and loss. It marks the one year anniversary of the sudden and unfathomable death of my friend and co-worker Terry. It marks the o…