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Saturday Update: 08/25/07

The boys have officially left for their Minnesota vacation, the dogs and cat have been taken to the vet for boarding, and I am home alone. It’s a pretty strange feeling…to have the house all to myself without even a cat to talk to. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever spent the night completely alone in either of our houses. It will be a strange night, I’m sure. On the other hand, it gives me the perfect opportunity to clean house without anyone getting in my way, or making a mess after I clean a spot. Since we’re having our first open house tomorrow, it works out well for me to spend the day cleaning. It’s just so quiet! I may have to crank some tunes!

I ask that you keep us in your prayers this week. It will be challenging to be apart, and we both have our various anxieties about things. The pressures of balancing work, home, therapy…and all my responsibilities which go along with these things, have been getting to me lately, and I really, truly need this vacation. I know it w…

Wednesday Update: 08/22/07

I can’t believe that we are approaching the last week of August and our vacations are just around the corner!! Matt leaves on Saturday for his fishing trip and I leave on Sunday for my visit with my parents. We’ve started thinking about things we need to pack and are trying to get all our ducks in a row. The animals are all going to the vet while we are gone and our realtor is planning to host an open house on the 26th…perfect timing since we will already be out of the house. I plan to spend Saturday afternoon deep cleaning the house and getting things ready after Matt leaves and I drop the animals off. Should be fun!

This past weekend we went to the Iowa State Fair for a few hours with our friends Jay and Stacy. Matt didn’t get to go last summer, since he was in Omaha, so we were glad to go together this year. All we really wanted to do was get some of the famous fried foods…in fact all of us ate light that day so we could fill up on plenty of yummy fair food. It was great!! …

Friday Update: 08/17/07

Well, there’s not too much to report on house-wise…the lot still looks pretty much the same. We had thought they would have dug the hole by now, but weather and permit issues have slowed things down a bit. It’s been unusually rainy the past few weeks, so the team in charge of excavation is a little behind on their other jobs, so ours got pushed back as well. It’s frustrating, but what can you do? Certainly can’t control the weather, that’s for sure!! Although if things would finally dry up and get moving, we sure would appreciate it!!!

In the meantime, we have officially put our house on the market. It went on the market this past Monday and we’ve shown it twice so far. Our lives have officially been turned upside down! The ‘we’ve got our house on the market’ mania has begun!! The second day it was on the market, we got a call about 5:00…we had just settled in for the night and I was getting ready to fix supper when the realtor called. I ran downstairs and told Matt it was ‘g…

Tuesday Update: 08/07/07

The first signs of progress at our new house location! This past weekend the lot was staked out...this coming week they should start on the digging!! YAHOO!!!

We met with our realtor last Friday and are getting the house ready for listing this week - it should be out there next Monday!

Thursday Update: 08/02/07

How can it be August? I just can’t believe the summer is nearing its end and the state fair will be here next week. I just hope that the next few months FLY by as quickly – to the time when we are settled in our new house and loving every minute of it!!!

Things have been good in this Karwoski house. We traveled to Iowa City last week to meet with the eye surgeon again. While the doctor was quite pleased with the alignment of his eyes, the torsion (tilting) is still an issue. Matt can get the two images pretty well lined up at times, but if he lowers or raises his head a certain way, one image turns, so instead of having two images side by side, one is completely turned a different direction. The doctor still thinks it’s early in the healing process to know for sure how things will end up, but he talked to us about the possibility of one more surgery, targeted specifically at the torsion. We all agree that we’ve come this far and the potential to improve them even more is still …