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Public Service Announcement

Matt and I have been vacationing in MN most of our lives. We take it for granted, but I realize its something special that we both grew up spending time up north with our parents and grandparents. We have years and years of memories between the two of many wonderful memories. We honeymooned at the small resort my grandparents once owned and we've joined Matt's parents up north at their favorite resort many times. I guess you could say MN is in our of our favorite vacation spots for sure.  Of course, since Matt's stroke a MN vacation presents many more challenges. The cabins are not accessible at all, the boat is downright scary to get on and off, and the ramp going up to the cabin is nearly vertical.  But Matt endured all the challenges with a smile on his face and glimmer of joy in his eye, even when he tumbled in the bathroom he laughed and hollered out to us 'I'm OK!'. 
I smiled as I snuck a picture of Matt and his dad stringing fishing li…