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Frog & Bandit Forever

So Matt and I had a Halloween party. Many of you have seen the pictures and wondered what the heck we were supposed to be. Yes, Matt’s mustache was impressive and sure the wedding dress I had on was maybe a little funny…but not a lot of people ‘got’ our costume. This did not matter to me…not one bit. You see – Matt wanted to dress up. Matt wanted to have a Halloween party.  You may not know, but Frog and Bandit are the clever (if a bit dirty) CB handles from Matt’s beloved movie, ‘Smokey & the Bandit’. Matt has loved the movie longer than I’ve loved Matt. He knows all the silly details, all the editing faux pas, all the songs, and a lot of the dialogue. The move is purely Matt – through and through. And once we decided to be Frog and Bandit…the wheels in his mind started spinning. Talking about how the costumes would come together was so much fun.  We shopped online, we shopped thrift stores, and we bought pieces on eBay. Matt cared so much about all the details; his cowboy hat co…