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OHHHHHHHHHHklahoma is the Place to Be!

So my parents moved to Oklahoma last week. Hope and I road tripped on down to meet them in Stillwater and help them with their move. We spent 3 days there cleaning, unpacking, and helping Mom and Dad settle in to their new house. It was a lot of hard work…but a true labor of love. I know I’ve written it here before…but it seems a good opportunity to say again just how much I truly love my family. It goes without saying that I believe my parents are just about the best parents a girl could have. Of course we all have our faults and we didn’t always see eye to eye on things…but as I grow older I find myself cherishing them more and more. It was funny, watching the foreign house in Oklahoma slowly transition into my parents’ house. It was almost as though I could see the Boston’s emerging slowly from this strange new house.

There is a room in the new house which we were trying to find a name for…Dad’s room…the gun room…the den…the exercise room. It is a room that is distinctly Dad’s. I w…

Nothing but Blue Skies

Oh what a wonderful long holiday weekend we had; fun with around the house, working in the yard, enjoying plenty of sunshiny deck time, s’mores with friends, and a leisurely drive around the lake. The weather was delightful; the days sprawled out long and uneventful…making it hard to come back to the real world this morning! However, with several exciting adventures awaiting us on the horizon, there’s a little extra spring in my step today.

Over the past few months, I’ve sort of had this idea in my mind that I may try and run a road race each month of 2010…weird, I know. So, I’m always looking ahead at upcoming races to see what’s out there that I might want to run in. In the back of my mind, I was really hoping to find a run that would hit a little closer to home. Something perhaps geared towards brain injuries, or strokes. With a little bit of internet sleuthing, I found a run for the American Stroke Association! Turns out there is a program geared towards raising money for the orga…