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Fun(?) With Math

Those who know me, know that math is not my strong suit, not my passion, not even my mildest interest. I really stink at math and pretty much enjoy avoiding it as much as possible in my daily life – much to the chagrin of those with stronger math brains than mine. (My beloved tip cheat sheet always makes me smile and makes Matt roll his eyes.) Just the other day I was playing in a ping pong tourney at work and joked at how hard counting is – particularly when switching sides with your partner and keeping track of whose serve it is etc…doubles ping pong is HARD! (What department do you work in, they asked me?) Recently I found myself doing some math, surrounding our journey to start a family. Specifically around Phase II of our journey – Phase I was soooo long ago and that sort of math does nothing but frustrate me on all sorts of levels so I try not to go there…much. But, just looking at Phase II, the math is also frustrating. I realized…it’s been 3 YEARS since we decided we wanted to …