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Limbo Madness

I feel as though I've been in limbo for several months. I’m in limbo about what to say or not say on this blog…and workout limbo for sure - since the pregnancy and miscarriage.  I’m cautious about how much to share – and keeping a lot to myself these days…which is hard. So here I am – after several weeks – trying to find a balance. Let’s just start off by saying; my body is not where it was a year ago when we started this second round of really trying to get pregnant. (And yes – it’s been about a year.) I was working hard with a trainer, running regularly and staying pretty tight with my food journal. The pregnancy and miscarriage really threw me for a loop though. In the beginning, I was sure that I’d keep up with the trainer throughout my pregnancy – be one of those healthy moms I've seen working out right up to the very end. But losing the baby so early – made me pause. Did I push too hard? Was I working too much? Obviously I knew very early on that I was pregnant and my …