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Saying Goodbye to the Wagon

Today we officially sold the wagon and it made its journey safe and sound to its new home in Missouri. We’ve been talking about selling the wagon for a few months now…sort of half-heartedly. In the beginning we had a little interest in it, but figured maybe it’d be ok not to sell it before the Good Guys car show, July 4th weekend, so we could enjoy it one last time. Matt has been going to the Good Guys for years – long before he had a car old enough to be IN the show. And we’ve been every summer in the wagon, since we got it. It was definitely a high point for us each summer. We both just love everything about it – the old cars cruising through the old fair grounds…the smells of exhaust mixed with fried fair food…the families and folks of all ages out enjoying the cars always touched our hearts. We would spend all day and all night there soaking it all in, even in crazy hot weather! This year my family came with us to enjoy our last Good Guys in the wagon, and we had such a great time.…

Web Profile!

So I've been waiting FOREVER patiently for our web profile to be loaded onto the Bethany website. It is the last piece of our profile to be completed and it's been driving me nuts waiting for it to be live...and I'm SO happy to finally have this completed. Now I can relax, right?

And wait, wait, wait for that one amazing phone call.