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Rocky Mountain Adventure

Last week marked a couple major milestones in our life – our 15th wedding anniversary, and our first trip to see REAL mountains (Hawaii & Ireland only have ‘hills’ in comparison). We had booked the trip months and months ago – when curled up on the couch this winter contemplating where to go for our summer vacation. Naturally, our thoughts always turn to Minnesota – and time spent around the lake. But our last trip reinforced the fact that we just NEED to have better accessibility to really enjoy vacation. So we started thinking about other spots and eventually landed on a resort just outside of Estes Park, CO – only minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. They had an accessible unit which looked like it would meet our needs and so we took a chance and booked it! And I’m SO glad we did!!
We split the drive up on the way out (which we would definitely do again, if we go back) and spent an afternoon/evening in Kearney, NE. We wandered around town a bit, checked out a super hilario…