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2013 Year in Review

As we approach the start of a new year, it only seems natural to spend a little bit of time reflecting back on the year about to close. While 2013 didn’t bring with it all that we hoped and dreamed it would, there were certainly many, many good times to be thankful for.

Just last week, I was looking through my photos from the year and smiling at all the fun we had. It comes as no surprise to anyone, I suspect, that I like to take a lot of pictures. I love to look at them and share them and reminisce about good times with friends and family. I apologize if this comes off as braggy... But for me, it is healing, and humbling, and simply good to look back and realize that despite the tough times, disappointments, heart ache, and uncertainty – Matt and I have had a great year. We have a great marriage. We have wonderful family. We have the best friends. We love our home, our animals, our adventures, and above all else – each other.
So bear with me, as I post a little recap of some of my fav…

Trusting Through It

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about trust. Trusting in my future. Trusting in the bigger plan.  Trusting that come what may, I will have what I need to get through, just as I have time and time again. It’s so hard, when you’re in the middle of a trial or a struggle of some sort – to trust that better days are ahead. It’s hard when things seem to be falling out of place to see how the pieces are supposed to fit together.  When what you thought was the plan, turns out not to be, it’s hard. In my own life, I’ve struggled with trusting through trials. Sometimes trust came easier than others.  When Matt had his stroke I had no choice. Trusting was all I had; it was all I could do. It was very clear right from the start that nothing I did, or didn’t do, was going to have much impact on the outcome. Of course we would commit to following the doctor’s protocols, enduring months of rehabilitation and hard work and the end result would be progress and a life worth living. But in that time, I…