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To Blave

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about great love stories. I think it probably has a little to do with the fact that I recently started reading, became consumed with, and feverishly completed the Twilight books. Reading about that kind of love will do that to you…or at least, it does to me I should say. We’ve watched our share of romantic comedies lately too…and together I think they’ve all just got me thinking about love. New love. Exciting, thrilling, all consuming love. Can’t stop thinking about each other…talking about each other…every little thing takes your mind back to that person. It’s annoying, really. I remember when Hope was so infatuated with Chad as a teenager. She snuck away during our family vacation to call him from a pay phone because she couldn’t stand not to talk to him for like 6 whole days. Every topic of conversation would somehow in someway twist its way back to Chad, like the Kevin Bacon game…we’d be talking about the fish we just caught and she’d remember one t…

Onward and Onward

Onward and Onward

It’s officially a new year…and my attitude has been officially adjusted. After a few weeks absent from church, we were finally able to make it yesterday, and oh, it was good for me. I felt physically lifted, as did my sprit, as I stood there singing. In all my anxiety, frustrations, and fears…I am often reminded that I am not alone in my struggles. It was good to be reminded yet again.

We had a great New Year’s with friends and family, we’d spent a lot of time cozied up watching football, I’d gotten caught up on house projects, and joy of joy I didn’t have to use the snow blower for several days…all seemed right with our little corner of the world again.

Reflecting back on our Christmas season, I can’t help but be reminded yet again of all the love that surrounds us all the time. We are blessed. Immeasurably loved and blessed. I look at the smiling faces in all the Christmas pictures and feel their warm embraces, hear their hearty laughs, and am reminded. Humbled.