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Our First No

We had our first ‘official’ no this week. It’s a strange feeling – knowing that someone is looking at our profile information, reading our words, pouring over our pictures, analyzing the details and trying to decide if they think WE could parent their unborn child. While we may have been presented to several birth families through our initial agency, we were never told about it. They like to prevent the heartache of knowing you’ve received a ‘no’ and only contact you if you’ve got a birth family seriously looking to choose you. It has its pros and cons. Signing up with the adoption consultant, I knew we’d have more involvement in the process. We are actually provided details of situations and decide IF we want to be presented. Then we actually know they are looking. I was looking forward to this ‘knowing’. But last week, as we waited, wondering, praying, hoping that they see some sort of connection and decide we are the ones I was torn about how I felt about the ‘knowing’. All week, in…

Thankful Heart

Last weekend Matt and I were able to spend the long holiday weekend with my parents in Oklahoma. We enjoyed long, lazy days watching football, dining on wonderful homemade food, shopping around town, putting up Christmas decorations and just spending quality time together. Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's has become a family tradition over the past few years and one that I treasure. I simply love everything about the weekend; putting on aprons and helping Mom in the kitchen, setting a pretty table, watching Dad carve the turkey, helping Mom decorate her Christmas tree, and helping Dad put up Christmas lights, watching football, football, football, eating leftovers, and exploring the Atwoods store for goodies. No matter how old I get - it's like I'm a kid again!

This year, two of my dearest friends' fathers have struggled with life altering and debilitating illnesses. My heart aches for them as they watch their fathers weaken and watch their mothers take on new roles as ca…