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Wednesday Update: 10/24/07

Well, not too much news to report, but I thought I should probably post a little something to that effect. We’ve just been busy with the usual…and things have been going fairly well. I had a conference in Orlando last week, so George came down and stayed with Matt. I enjoyed the sunshine and time away, but as usual it was hard to leave Matt…and it was good to get back to him. He did fine with his dad, of course…but missed me and the way we do things. We just have a way with each other…it’s hard to explain, but the trust, love, and commitment we have for each other…it’s so strong, and I try to remind myself everyday how lucky we are to have that. It’s hard sometimes though, in the midst of daily struggles, frustrations, and stresses to remember to be thankful for the many, many blessings we do have. I have to make a conscious effort to do so these days. I hope that once we are through the stress of selling our house and building a new one that I don’t struggle so much with a bad attitude!

We’ve had a few lookers at the house, and got excited when one coupled viewed it 3 times…but they ended up choosing another one. We’re probably going to reduce our asking price this week to try and generate more interest…there is a lot on the market right now…a lot of competition. Nothing has happened at the new house these past few weeks either. The framers are behind, and that is who we are currently waiting on. They are supposed to start work next week…so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it actually happens. Each week that goes by with no progress just adds to my bad attitude, frustration, and general growly-ness. I know that it will be great when we do actually move…but it seems like it is never going to happen. It has just been soooo stinking long since we started this process. It’s very, very frustrating for me.

We are compiling all the necessary paperwork for Matt’s application for the China Connection and hope to meet up with Ruth in November…so nothing much new there. Matt still thinks about it all the time and we are still praying that it works out. We head to Iowa City next week to follow up with the eye doctor about another possible surgery, and are hopeful that one more will finally fix Matt’s double vision. Matt also has an MRI and we’ll meet with the Neuro doctors to see if there have been any changes in Matt’s AVM. Would it be fantastic if it had all closed off!??!

Therapy out at Timber Creek continues to go well and Matt has been working at home on things as well. He spends a lot of time reading, sending e-mails (I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from any of you…, and hanging out. He’s been thinking about the future and things he’d like to do…maybe flip a house or two someday. We watch those house flipping shows all the time – yesterday there was a flipper who was in a wheelchair and at the end of his very successful flip, he said that he wanted folks to know that just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean he can’t do things…that if he can do it, anyone can. It touched me…and I know it inspired Matt too. I know there are good things ahead for him…I just pray that he can finally overcome some of his limitations and feel stronger and more capable. I hope that the China thing does work out and can provide some improvements for him.

Everything else is good…the seasons are changing and we are finally experiencing true fall weather and colors. I love it! Highs in the 60’s with tons of sunshine…perfect! The leaves are changing and the nights are cool and crisp. We’ve been watching a lot of football, naturally, and we’ll be busy buttoning things up outside in the coming weeks in preparation for winter. I just try to keep my focus on the horizon and trusting that things will work out in God’s perfect timing…it’s hard…but it’s what we have to do!!


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