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A Big Loss

Davy Jones died today.

I know that many of you aren’t even sure who Davy Jones is…and those of you, who do know, will find it odd that I should care. But as I sat down to eat my lunch and saw the headline on the internet, I had to fight to hold back a few tears. It’s not that I knew him personally or anything like that. I realize he wasn’t family or a family friend even…but to the 12 year old girl inside me – he was huge. I instantly thought of how I felt a few summers ago as we listened to him sing at the state fair. I remember how giddy I was when he flashed that adorable smile, at the sound of his voice, his wonderful English accent, and those old familiar songs – which I knew (and happily sang) word for word. Matt patiently sat nearby, drenched from the thick summer air while I danced and giggled and clapped my hands. Hearing those favorite tunes from my youth instantly transported me back in time and I couldn’t help but beam with joy from deep, deep within. You have to know, I simply adore the Monkees – always have, always will.

My mother will never let me live down the time I nearly ruined the family trip to Valleyfair in Minneapolis – throwing an epic fit that only a 12 year old can throw – when I was dragged away from the show on the hotel room TV to go play at the theme park. She can also attest to the hundreds of Monkee photos and albums which adorned my childhood bedroom. I’m sure it was an oddity to her as well, that I was so enamored with a band from her own time. My very first Monkee album (which of course I still have) was one that she had purchased herself back in the day. I used to play them on my record player…all.the.time. Back before we had a VCR, I would sit with my little tape recorder next to the TV so that I could record their show and listen to it later. I loved them that much. Their humor – right up my alley. Their music – struck a chord. My childhood friend Allison and I would sign all our notes and scribblings to each other MFF…Monkees Fan Forever. And truly – I think we both lived up to the nickname. When we were in our early 20’s we finally saw our beloved Monkees in concert – after and ICubs game in Des Moines. We danced and sang and followed them around like true groupies – getting autographs and everything! We even stalked their limo to the Marriott and tried to figure out which floor they were on. Such was our Monkee Mania.

Hearing the news that Davy passed makes my heart ache in a weird way, that I wasn’t expecting. Just knowing that they’re not out there, somewhere, Monkee-ing around seems wrong. Knowing that I’ll never get to see them all together in concert again – breaks my heart. A piece…a big, giant chunk of my happy youth has passed and that makes me really, really sad. I know there won’t be crazy media frenzy surrounding his passing, like so many other recent celebrity deaths. His story isn’t sensational, it isn’t trashy and full of tabloid rumors. I’m sure by the end of the day his headline will have been moved to a link somewhere further down the page…but this girl will always remain a true Monkee Fan Forever.


Emily said…
If you were surprised at your sadness, clearly no one else was.

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