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Shut-Up & Dance

So I assume you have all heard the song Shut-Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.
And hopefully, you’ve all seen these awesome movie montage videos set to the song – as they are HIGHLY entertaining…

On a recent road trip, we discovered how much we both (yes, I said BOTH) love this song. It’s catchy. It’s upbeat. It’s fun to sing. It’s just a super fun song. I was tickled and surprised that my oh-so-stuck-in-the-80’s/90’s husband would dare to listen to and enjoy such a ‘modern’ song. We heard it repeatedly on the trip and each time, we’d turn it up and yell sing. Well, at least I would sing – Matt just smiled and tried to enjoy the song despite it.
Last week, my parents drove a load of stuff up from Oklahoma in preparation for their upcoming move back to Iowa. It was a weird weather day – with rain off and on. While we were outside preparing to unload their tractor, it started to pour.  So we all ran for our cars and sat inside a bit, waiting for it to subside. When the rain let up a little, we regrouped around the trailer, working quickly to unstrap the beast. This time, Dad held an umbrella in one arm. Gradually we all became aware of a loud thump, thump, thumping coming from the bus car. It didn’t take long for me to recognize the tune…as Mom asked ‘Is Matt rocking out in the car?!’  Matt was inside – enjoying a little Shut-up and Dance and he cranked it up for us to enjoy as well. I laughed at him…and then something truly unexpected happened. My Dad started dancing around to the music – making goofy faces at Matt in the car. There he was…in his camouflage boots, Iowa State t-shirt, holding a big umbrella, tromping around…dancing a little jig in the mud and rain! Oh how I wish I’d been able to capture that moment! Though I’m quite sure he’s glad I didn’t…it will live on in my mind for years to come as that time before their big move back home, when we were all tired, dirty, and wet and Dad danced in the mud!
 This week, my dear friend Jami’s father passed away. I received word about his hospitalization while helping move and load stuff with my parents last weekend in Oklahoma.  At the time we thought he may be out of the woods – but his serious condition, and how quickly it happened, hit home for me. I stood next to my own Dad, tall, strong, able bodied…loading crap onto a trailer, and I just couldn’t hold back the tears.  I just love him so much. I love my parents so very much. And I just can’t wait for them to be back in Iowa where they belong!  It’s hard sometimes, feeling so blessed and grateful for my own family, while at the same time, my heard breaks for my friends.  We attended the funeral of Matt’s uncle Denny just a few weeks ago and I thought the same thing – watching his only daughter Jessica as she spoke lovingly about her father. Both Jami and Jessica are grieving in ways I can’t really fathom. But I know how much they celebrated the lives of their fathers as well. Their legacy. Their love. The fun and wonderful times they had together as a family. I pray those memories help ease their pain.

For me – I will hold on to the hilarious and unexpected memory of my own Dad tromping around in the mud – dancing...and be ever so thankful for him. 


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