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The Call...

It’s been nearly a week since we got ‘the call’. Nearly a week since our lives were turned upside down by the most amazing and unbelievable news – we had been chosen by a birth mother. It’s still surreal, friends. I think we are both in shock still – walking around with dazed looks on our faces.
I had left work early last Friday – something I hadn’t done in a good, long while. The weather was nice and the weekend was upon us. When I got home we were discussing what we should do for the evening and decided to head out for some shopping and possibly dinner with Brian and Emily. We were discussing the birth mother we were presented to the day before and wondering if maybe she could be the one. I had stopped counting how many times we had been presented. I figured it wasn’t worth tracking. But it felt like…a lot. With each new situation we put it in God’s hands and did our best not to obsess while we waited for a response. I joked about how other people would say they felt a connection to the situation that ended up being theirs…as though they just ‘knew’ they’d be picked. I scoffed at them inside. But friends – I did feel a little differently about this one. I had sent a quick text to my besties, mom and Hope and asked for a quick prayer. And literally, as we were walking out the door…my phone rang. FLORIDA was calling me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest as I answered.
The voice on the other end was sweet and southern as she excitedly told me…’CONGRATULATIONS!’
I grabbed Matt’s hand.
‘She picked YOU!’
I squeezed it hard…tears spilling down my cheeks. He just stared in disbelief.
‘She wrote the most amazing letter. It will make you cry. It is one of the most heartfelt letters we’ve ever received from one of our birth mothers.’
I put her on speaker phone and started scribbling down notes. We didn’t know the gender of the baby – but she had written it in her letter to us and we’d get the e-mail shortly. Details.  Details. Legal stuff. Contracts. Checks.
‘Have a great weekend!’
And just like that…our lives were rocked.
I sat shaking. Crying. Staring at Matt. We hugged and laughed and hugged and shook our heads in disbelief. And then we got the letter. Her words – were unbelievable. Humbling. Full of love and gratitude and hope for a brighter tomorrow. She chose us because we have persevered. Because we have so much love to give. Because she thinks we’re awesome people and couldn’t ask for more from the parents of her child. Her baby BOY.
We spent the next few hours calling and texting our family and friends. My voice was horse. My cheeks were sore from smiling. My skin was irritated from crying. My stomach was doing flips from the excited nerves. It was simply an amazing night! We finally hooked up with Brian and Emily for a celebratory supper about 8:00!
We’ve spent the last week reveling in our wonderful news and wondering if it could really be true. Yesterday I FaceTimed with our birth mother. It.was.AMAZING. I mean, honestly. I can’t even describe how I’m feeling towards this woman right now. This woman who is giving us this amazing gift. She kept thanking me. Thanking.ME!?
She asked me if we’d thought of names. I told her we had – and suddenly I was worried she wouldn’t like it. I told her the name we’d picked out for our would-be someday son many, many years ago. I held my breath trying to read her expression for approval.
‘I’m going to start calling him that now, when I talk to him. Is that ok?’
Oh, my. I think this is real.
She referred to him as ‘our baby’…and all I wanted to do was bridge time and distance and hold this stranger close. I had heard other people talk about how they love their open adoptions and are so thankful for the good relationships they have with their birth families. But I simply couldn’t fathom it until now. What I feel for her – it’s just impossible to express.
And in two weeks, we’ll be flying to Florida to meet her in person. To exchange those hugs. To start building our relationship. And to see ‘our baby’ on an ultrasound. I.CAN’T.WAIT!!

In the meantime, friends – please keep our birth mother in your prayers. When you think of us, whisper a little prayer for her safety, for her strength, for her peace. And please pray for this little baby too. Soon he will be here…and our lives are never going to be the same! Oh Happy Day!


~Rebekah~ said…
Hi there, I found your page through your shirt fundraiser. Seeing your video and just reading your latest news has blessed my heart. I would LOVE to feature you on my Facebook Page. We have a fundraiser page but my hope is to bring awareness to fostering, adoption and mentoring children in need. I would love to share your blog news to show that even through adversity and disability there is opportunity to follow ones dreams to expand their family. I wanted to ask first since my page is public. You'll be able to see our own blog through my google link but I will also share the facebook page I'd like to feature you on. Just a small blurb linked to your beautiful news. Please let me know if you give your permission. I pray that God would continue to bless you, the birth mother and your beautiful baby on this wonderful journey your embarking on together. The love you both have for each other, your family and life is just inspiring and has blessed me just by reading.

My Adoption Page is here:

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