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Tuesday Update: 06/26/07

Well, we had our first follow up visit with the eye surgeons yesterday in Iowa City…and the results look good, promising, and encouraging…to quote the doctors. This first visit they are mostly looking for infection and just making sure that the eyes are healing up…which they are. Matt’s right eye is still pretty swollen and red, but it’s coming along nicely and they weren’t concerned with that aspect at all. They talked a bit about how Matt’s vision is now, a week after surgery…and surprisingly, it’s not too bad! Matt still sees double when he’s looking straight ahead, but the images are much closer together now, and when he looks just to the left of center and holds his head just right, he can make the two images come together!!!! Something he hasn’t been able to do at all previously! (On the way to Iowa City he kept turning to look at me as we talked, saying how nice it was to look and just see one of me, and still have peripheral vision etc.) The doctors were very excited to hear that just one week later, he is able to bring the images together…even if it is only when he’s looking a certain way. It may be like adjusting to bifocals, and just learning how to hold his head and knowing where to look to see things correctly. Either way, it is a big, big, BIG step in the right direction! The plan for now is to go back and check things out in 4-6 weeks. By then the eyes should be healed and we should know better where things stand. It’s possible that over the coming weeks he is able to use his eyes together when looking different ways, it is just up to his brain, and how the eyes heal. When we go back, we’ll see where we’re at, and maybe try some temporary prisms again to see if that’ll help bring them together all the time. In the mean time, he’s just supposed to keep trying to wear the patch less and less and see if his brain can adjust. He’s been doing really well at keeping it off, and had it off most of the week…just putting it on occasionally to read, watch tv, etc. I feel good about his prognosis…and I think he does too. He was a little unconvinced at first, but over the past few days, I think he’s starting to feel like maybe this could work. Just being able to put the images together at all is great, as far as I’m concerned. I think they can definitely work with that!!

As for the house…well, I am stopping by to pick up the purchase agreement for the lot and drop of earnest money today!!! The lot is finally going to be ours!!!! We are so excited that we are finally taking a big step forward in this area of our life as well! It will be fantastic to finally get the building process underway! We can’t wait!!


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