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Thursday Update: 01/10/08

Happy MID-JANUARY!! I can’t believe how the time is flying by…I think I’ve probably written that several times over the course of writing this blog, but holy cow sometimes I can hardly believe how time keeps on whizzing by. Just thinking that it has been nearly two and a half years since all of this craziness began is incredible. To think of all that we’ve experienced, all the friends we’ve made, all the changes in ourselves, our faith, and our spirits, all the places we’ve gone (some again, and again), all the many, many blessings which we’ve received…it’s just been an amazing couple of years. I can’t say enough how fortunate I feel to have had the wonderful support of friends and family, whose love and encouragement have helped brighten my darkest days. Without you, I would not be the person you see today…I could not have made it through this experience with as much hope and optimism. Knowing that our lives have influenced others, that we have encouraged people to hold their loved ones a little tighter, smile more, slow down and enjoy life more, to really acknowledge their own blessings…all of that has really lifted us and helps keep us going. It’s not that we want to be an example…but we just feel so good knowing that we’ve inspired others. It is a special feeling, truly. It’s that feeling which helps keep us going…it’s like a little fire of hope and positive energy that keeps burning inside, even when we’re feeling low. I think it’s really just a testament to how powerful and valuable relationships and love are…and how God meant for us to love each other. I feel so very blessed.

While we rang in the New Year quietly, just curled up watching football, football, football…January is turning out to be a very busy month for us. I guess the next several months are just going to be more of the same, so all we can do is throw our hands up in the air and enjoy the ride!! Things are moving along nicely with the new house! They started the drywall this week and should have it ready to prime on Monday. Yahoo! I was so excited to walk through there yesterday and see walls…what a difference! It is finally starting to take shape and I can start picturing our things in there a little easier. It will be so incredibly wonderful to live there! I think I will go to sleep each night and wake up each morning with a smile on my face! We are finally heading into the final stretch of the construction phase and hope that it will be completed in the next month or so. In the mean time, things have picked up back at our old house. We showed it on Monday, and twice last night. We’re just HOPING that one of those groups really wants the house…SOON!! I know it will work out in the right time…and keep praying for an offer soon. We also have an open house scheduled for Sunday…so we’ll see if that brings any action. Bring on the buyers!!

Next Monday we head to Iowa City for Matt’s third eye surgery. We will be there Monday for pre-op appointments and then the surgery will be sometime on Tuesday. The doctor is hoping that they can finally fix the tilting that Matt sees in the right eye and that this will bring the two images together. Even if he still sees double, if the images are on top of each other, we’re hoping that the treatment in China might help his brain fuse them together. Please pray for us next week, for safe travel and that Matt’s surgery would go smoothly and be a success. I plan to work from home the rest of the week, so I can be around to help Matt and maybe get some packing done as well. I’ve started going through closets, books, and papers. We’ve packed up several boxes already and I’m sure there will be many more in the next few weeks!
Today I will be making our flight arrangements for China, another big step in the right direction there!! I talked with our US managers from China Connection yesterday and everything is an official go! I sent in our deposit/membership fee, and now we need to get our tickets. Next we’ll get our visas ready to go and we’ll be making all the lists of things to do and things to pack! Matt is so, so, SO excited!! I know he’d never admit it to just anyone…but he truly is. He told me the other night that he thinks he is more excited about this, than he has ever been for anything. More excited than our wedding day? More excited than when he bought the TA? More excited than when the Hawks won the Capital One Bowl? More excited than when Shamrock Shakes return each March at McDonald’s? I guess nothing tops this China experience!! And I am just so thrilled that we get to do it…that Matt has this amazing opportunity! What a gift!!! We are so grateful for this chance, and I know that no matter what he will come back a changed man. NO DOUBT!!!

Here is one looking from the living room to the front door:

This is from the kitchen looking at the island and dining room:

This is from the front foyer looking into the living/dining area:

This is looking into our bedroom:

This is looking into the master bath:

And most is the garage:


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