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Sunday Update: 04/27/08

Well, another busy week has come and gone and Matt and I are on the countdown until we are reunited. 28 days until I go back to China and we can see each other again…YAHOO! Hopefully these next few weeks go well, and the time passes quickly. As you can see from this recent picture that Mary sent me, Matt still has his goatee...I thought he had shaved it all off...but clearly he left most of his facial hair!

Matt had a visit from Ruth yesterday and they had a good talk. Ruth told Matt that Professor Bian is pleased with his progress so far, especially with his tremor. Matt told me that the tremor is more relaxed, especially when he’s at rest…it does still fire off more when he’s doing something like talking, but it sounds like it’s not quite as active. He also talked about an exercise that he’s been working on which really calms it down. He presses his hands together out in front of his chest, then he brings them out to the side and down. Ruth also said that while he may not see a lot of things changing now, she’s confident that in 6-9 months, he will. She mentioned that she is not the person today that she was when she first left China…that it took more time for things to come together once she returned home. He had heard her say before that it was about 6 months after leaving China that her balance really felt stable. So, we’ll just keep looking ahead for positive changes to come.

He also told me for the first time today that he thinks when he returns home he should continue with some therapy. I was pretty surprised to hear that, to tell you the truth. I figured he’d be so burned out on it all, that he’d want to just kick back and have some time to do his own thing. To live his ‘dream of doing nothing’ (to quote one of his favorite movies). So, I’m going to look into that and see what our options are with insurance and when he gets home and settled, we can evaluate what all he wants to do. He said that even if he can’t do therapy again, he’s committed to working on things at home…he’s got a list of exercises that he’s doing there and I’m sure he’ll continue to do them when he gets here. I think it’s very positive to hear him talking about continuing to work hard. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to keep on plugging away like he does. He amazes me – still. Of course, my job is just to support him in whatever he wants to do…whether it be taking time off to just be Matt, or working out a schedule for therapy and exercise…whatever he wants I’m so willing to do and stand behind him. I’m just so proud of him for getting up everyday, facing his challenges head on, and never giving up on himself and the hope for a brighter future together. I love that he is working hard to better himself and his situation while at the same time appreciating what he has…it is a good combination of gratitude and hope. No matter what he does, or doesn’t do, our life ahead is full of possibilities and we fully intend to make the most of it!! With our friends, family, and faith to guide and support us, I don’t know how we could lose! We are so, SO blessed!!

In other news, I spent some time this weekend with my dear, old friend Julie! She came down from Spirit Lake to spend the night with me last night and we just had a great time. It had been a ridiculously long time since we’ve had a chance to spend some time together and it felt so good to finally connect and catch up! She is expecting…and it was so strange and exciting to see her pregnant and talk about all the fun that goes along with that!

After struggling with infertility for years, like Matt and I, she and her husband adopted a beautiful baby boy in 2005. They were in the process of looking for another adoption when they found out that they were pregnant. It was truly a miracle – a most precious gift from God! I can only imagine how she is feeling, experiencing the wondrousness of pregnancy…something she had long given up on ever having the chance to feel. What a happy time this is for her and her family, and I was so excited to see her baby bump and help her shop for some maternity clothes!

So after my week long Bon Jovi euphoria and having spent the weekend with my best friend from high school it’s been a rather nostalgic week! But totally in a good way (like totally)… in the best way! It’s going to be hard to get back into the swing of grown up life tomorrow at work…but I’m sure I’ll manage. I’ll just have to play my Bon Jovi greatest hits on my way to and from the office!!


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