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Friday Update: 10/10/08

Funny side note…sixteen years ago today I met Matt for the first time. Do I write this every year on this date? I should go back and see…oh well. Either way, this date always sticks out in my mind as our first anniversary of sorts…the day we first came into each others’ lives. Ahh…just a couple of dorky teenagers. It’s hard to believe we’ve been together ever since. Well, I guess we did break up once, for a few hours…but I don’t know that it really counted. I think we always knew we were meant to be.

This week has been another busy one, and naturally I have come down with a nasty cold. Go figure. Jay prescribed me some oh-so-yummy herbs to help me get over the cold sooner…and let me just say that I think maybe now I have a better appreciation of why Matt puts up such a fuss each time he drinks his. Oh man – I’m not sure I can describe how awfully awful, bleck-ity blecky, DIS-gusting these herbs are for me to drink. In the bag they smelled minty, maybe even a hint of lavender. ‘Oh, this won’t be bad’, I thought to myself. Cooking them the minty fresh smell wafted through out the whole house, opening my sinuses, and again I thought ‘hmm, this won’t be bad at all’. Well, apparently the minty SMELL doesn’t translate to a minty TASTE. Nope, not at all…not one bit…not even the slightest, tiniest HINT of mint. I’ve managed to drink my ½ cup several times a day…but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it for the 3 days he wanted me to…it’s just…so…horrible! But, we’ll see how long I can do it. Matt just nodded his head in sweet satisfaction that now I could finally understand a little of what he’s been going through. Yesterday Jay also surprised me by deciding to do some acupuncture on me as well. I was a little bummed I didn’t get to take a picture of the needles in Matt’s back, lined up like a porcupine, but I’ll try to take a picture next time he does it…it’s pretty cool looking! Matt was bummed he was laying on his stomach without his glasses and couldn’t see me sitting across the room with needles in my hands and head. I have to say, the needles are definitely not without pain or discomfort. When he inserted the first one in my head it didn’t really hurt, but then he started twisting and kept twisting because he wanted the sensation to be strong…mission accomplished! It felt very sharp and deep. He put 3 total in my head and 3 on each hand. I felt a strong, but dull ache through the needles in my hands the whole time, mostly the ones on my wrists…it was an odd sensation. Not really painful, but not completely comfortable either. We’ll see if this TCM treatment helps me over my cold faster!

Last weekend was the Cruise to the Woods car show. This year Matt didn’t want to go all the way to the car show, so we decided to head over to Dolliver park, find a spot to cook out and watch the cars cruise through. It was a beautiful fall day, and we had a great time cooking hotdogs and shooting the breeze with our friends Jay, Larry, and Marci. This was the first year Larry and Marci didn’t have their Camaro either (he sold it earlier this year), so for Matt and Larry I think the day was a little bittersweet. Times like that Matt really misses the TA. We had fun though, just hanging out and waving to the folks driving through the park in their hotrods, streetrods, and sweet old cruisers. While I love a tough sounding muscle car; I have a soft spot for the older couples driving their big old boats, the ladies with scarves over their hair. They make me smile every time. I see them and think that will be my parents someday…cruising along in their muscle car, waving to all the kiddies. It’s just so neat to see a couple who’ve somehow managed to hold on to a special piece of their history, their generation, and be able to show it off in that way. I hope one day Matt and I will be able to get another car for him to tinker on and cherish through the years.


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