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Monday Update: 10/27/08

Brr. It’s another cold, cloudy Monday for us here in Iowa…and fall is truly settling in. Though I think we’ll have a few warmer days later this week, I think we’re finally shifting into the colder weather more typical of this time of year. And it’s sooo dark in the morning. Bleck. I hate getting up and driving in to work in the dark, dark, dark cold morning. Next week is Daylight Savings time and that’ll help the dark morning, but create a dark early evening. What can you do? I did cheer myself up a little bit this morning as I trudged to the back door to let the dogs out, still half asleep…at least I don’t have to go out there anymore!!! I know I’ll really appreciate that fenced in yard come this winter when the temperatures dip down below zero…oh thank goodness for the new house and fenced in yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather this weekend was a bit crazy too…terribly windy and chilly yesterday. Saturday we caught a break though. Blake stopped over and took Matt for a ride in his hot rod before we headed up to Ames for the ISU game. We headed up to Ames a little early and found our seats, which were a hundred times better than the seats we had last year! While being in the end zone has its down sides, we really appreciated not having people standing in front of us the whole time. Of course, we didn’t realize that ISU doesn’t have those nice nets to catch the footballs as they go sailing through the uprights…apparently the crowd likes to be on the edge of their seats trying to dodge…er…catch them. We happily found our seats and were settling in and taking in the surroundings as the kickers were warming up.
Whack…Whomp…Bing…Twang…footballs were flying all around us, hitting the seats, and railings, then bouncing and ricocheting all over the place. There were kids running through the bleachers picking up the balls and tossing them back on the field. We quickly realized we’d have to be on high alert each time a kick was coming our way! I was so worried that my ‘I can’t catch a football to save my life’ reaction to a ball headed straight for me would be captured on the big screen…but thankfully only one came close. I was able to bat it away and my neighbor tossed it back on the field, since obviously I can’t throw a football either. The Clones did not play well, and the game was a stinker…but we had fun taking it all in together. Maybe we’re bad luck since the Hawks lost the game we went to as well…who knows.

Sunday we had a nice, quiet day around the house. We had recorded some football games from Saturday that we watched as we lounged around and relaxed. It was a nice end to another busy week. This week we don’t have much on the agenda and I think maybe it’ll finally start feeling like that’s ok…we’ll see. It’s so unusual for us not to have something going on each night!


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