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What We've Been Up To...

So much time has gone by in between posts...and so many good, fun things have been going on. I thought I might do a quickie photo update...

Matt & I spent the HOTTEST, MOST humid day at the Iowa State Fair...

Just so I could catch Davy Jones in concert! The Monkee in me just COULDN'T pass up the opportunity! Waiting for the concert to start...I wondered if it would be worth it...we were SO hot!

IT WAS!! I had the best time singing along - though I'm sure the folks in front of me didn't! Matt would smile at me every time I turned to look at him...'Yep, that's my wife.'

I also worked the Iowa Egg Council booth again this year at the Iowa State Fair with my friends Amy & Gina. People are still crazy about their free eggs on a stick!

Speaking of Amy - she and I ran another 5K. The Harvest Dreams 5K out at Living History Farms. For some reason I thought that running through the grounds, at 6:30 in the evening, in AUGUST, would be a good idea.
It wasn't. Not at all. The worst 5K by FAR for either of us! The course was all gravel, uphill the ENTIRE way, muddy, hot, hot, hot, HOT! At the end we sat in our puddles of sweat and tried to enjoy our free cookies and sandwiches...followed by Frostees at Wendy's on the way home to sooth our crumpled spirits.

Matt & I took a road trip on down to visit Mom & Dad in Oklahoma! We had a great time working on various projects and checking out the lay of the land. We went for a drive with Mom and checked out a nearby lake - beautiful!

Went for a drive with Dad in the 'Cuda - of course!

I love that Mom & Dad are within driving distance makes it SO much easier knowing we're going to be able to see them more often!!

Because of course you know - I simply love my parents more than I can say.

And most recently there was Matt's 35th Birthday! With the cool new Ray Ban's I got him!

And the state quarters he got from his Grandparents...

And, of course, the COOKIE!

We had dinner with Hope & Chad...the night before the dreaded CyHawk game...and you can see where our allegiances lie...

Saturday the 11th I went out for my last really LONG run before the half marathon...11.26 miles! PHEW! I'm not fast. I'm not running the whole way. But by golly, I'm going to finish that race and I know I'll feel great doing it. Matt and I are making our final arrangements for the upcoming trip and are really starting to get excited for it. It's amazing to think I'll be amongst 10,000 other runners running through Disney at night. WILD! And waiting for me at the finish line...will be my dear husband. My motivation. My inspiration. I run a little easier these days knowing I have all of you behind us...the support I received in my fundraising has been tremendous. The prayers I know are being said for me...humbling. I thank you, thank you!!!

This weekend we will celebrate life and friendship...and a whole lot of college football!! Just the way we like it -


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