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A SPRING in My Step

So it’s no small coincidence that today there seems to be a sizable spring in my step and width to my smile. It is bright and sunny outside, the breeze is noticeably warming, and our trip to paradise (i.e.Hawaii) is just around the corner. Ahh…what could I find to possibly complain about today?

The past few weeks have been busy with this and that, but with each passing week of gloomy, gray, dirty last-few-weeks-of-winterness, I found myself moving about at a very sluggish and mopey pace. I was sooo tired of winter; so tired of bundling up each morning, so tired of random snow showers, so tired of staring angrily at the stubborn pile of snow in the cul-de-sac behind us…willing it to shrink away and finally reveal the sidewalk below it. It seemed spring would never come…our dear friend Phil had fooled us yet again…dirty rodent. I was grumbly, impatient, IRRITATED!!!! How much longer? HOW MUCH LONGER!?!?!? And then finally…I believe we have turned the corner.

I see buds on trees…I see robins scurrying about. I hear motorcycles and kids playing outside. I think…!!! Of course it helps also that in every spare moment Matt and I are dreaming, researching, planning, or discussing plans for our trip. We are both so excited we can barely contain ourselves…this dream we’ve had for so long is about to come true…it hardly seems real. I close my eyes and I picture us on the beach…swimming in the ocean…laughing and smiling at all the beauty around us. I think of the freedom he is going to experience floating around in the water…of how pruned my hands are bound to be from endless hours of swimming. I think of the sounds the waves must make on the shore, and the beautiful sunsets we’ll see each evening. I think of all these things and the smile creeps back onto my face, unknowingly.

I found myself focused so intently on Hawaii dreaming during yoga class today – I’m sure the instructor wondered what I was sooo happy about as we moved from strenuous pose to challenging stretch. But the music she played took me to the Hawaii of my dreams and I couldn’t help but think that soon…SOON we will be there. I know that my dreams will pale in comparison to the real thing. I know that once my body has experienced swimming in the ocean, I’ll never want to get out. I know that once we visit Hawaii, it will be a part of us forever…and oh, I just can’t WAIT!!!!


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