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2013 Year in Review

As we approach the start of a new year, it only seems natural to spend a little bit of time reflecting back on the year about to close. While 2013 didn’t bring with it all that we hoped and dreamed it would, there were certainly many, many good times to be thankful for.

Just last week, I was looking through my photos from the year and smiling at all the fun we had. It comes as no surprise to anyone, I suspect, that I like to take a lot of pictures. I love to look at them and share them and reminisce about good times with friends and family. I apologize if this comes off as braggy... But for me, it is healing, and humbling, and simply good to look back and realize that despite the tough times, disappointments, heart ache, and uncertainty – Matt and I have had a great year. We have a great marriage. We have wonderful family. We have the best friends. We love our home, our animals, our adventures, and above all else – each other.

So bear with me, as I post a little recap of some of my favorite 2013 memories:

Me & my besties took another trip to Vegas! With big changes on the horizon
 for Gina (a wedding & a pregnancy), it was a special trip for us. 
I ran the Leprechaun Chase 10K & we celebrated St. Patrick's day post race
 with our friends the Beltrame's.
Our Goddaughter turned 2! We absolutely adore her
& love having her in our lives.

We broke out the old prom gear & celebrated Hope's
 40th birthday at the Ames Adult Charity Prom. 

The 70's meet the 90's - so much fun!
Our Prom Queen!

Hope's birthday celebration continues with a night out to our THIRD
Bon Jovi concert - it was a blast!

My Bestie Gina gets married! It was a special day for us -
 celebrating the intimate wedding of a very dear friend.

12+ years of friendship - I'm so grateful for this girl. 
The lovely Mack's!

Memorial Day weekend in OK - Mom & I checking out something
suspicious in the pond...I love this picture & the memory.

We had a Karwoski weekend in IL - enjoying time with
family and taking in another Cubs game!

Celebrating the 4th of July with my family

Including the Good Guys car show with Mom & Dad!

We visited the Rocky Mountains for the first time!

Celebrating 15 years of marriage - dinner at the Stanley Hotel!

Our beautiful Cotton - we welcomed her home in July at
6 months old.

Anniversary dinner with our old friends, the Jaschke's!

The Bohler Twins Night Out - spending the evening
being silly with dear friend Emily & her sister Erin!

We hit the IA State Fair - a day we always love together!

Amy & I ran a couple races in 2013 - the Diva Dash was
one of my we are celebrating our run
with cheap Root Beer Floats at Bauder Pharmacy. YUM!

Cruising in the wagon - one of our favorite things to
do in the summer!

The Cruise to the Woods! Old cars + Old friends = Fun!

Having fun in Vegas together!

Halloween Party at the Karwoski's - goofy fun
with friends!

Frog & Bandit Forever

Cheering on the Hawkeyes - chilly, but fun as always!

Thanksgiving in OK - love having the
whole family there together!

One last night with Shelly, Kellie, & Holly (3 old friends
from my first job) before Holly moves away. 15+ years later - still love these girls!
Crazy Christmas shirts with the Beltrame's!

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

Loving my hubby in his new hat!

Christmas morning with our sweet Cotton - who can resist
these two??

Merry Christmas from the Karwoski's! 


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